A day living in randomness

This is my life, or more specifically life with my kids. Nothing is dull, and rarely as it seems, and generally quite amusing!

The following are all things overheard being said in this house....

"It doesn't hurt if it doesn't leave a mark, that's the rule"

"Are you printing your own money again?"

"We need a man cave."


"Ryan knows how to fly"

"Mom, what would happen if we filled up the pool in our room?"

"SERIOUSLY TRADE HER TO ANGIE!, we'll take Zachary"

"I only ate the parts that you cooked right, someone else can have the rest"

"Mom, tell Connor he isn't allowed to print money!"

"SWIM, Ryan knows how to SWIM!!"


Jody said…
Oh Amy!!! Your life sounds so much more exciting than mine!!! I love to read your posts.. they always make me laugh...out loud! Hope to see you over 4th of July weekend!
Thany said…
You have the funniest little people in your house.

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