Ok Media outlets.. I am PLEADING WITH YOU

I don't care which side of the coin you are on, but this has got to end.

THE RHYMING.. ohhh the rhyming.

I don't think I can endure 4 years of this!

I get it Inside Edition, and all the other news rags, and talk shows out there. I get it, lots of words rhyme with Obama. That is all well and good, but only a few weeks in, and my brain has fused.. so let's all just say a big collective NO!!

NO to NO-bama
NO to OH-bama
NO to Obama drama
NO to Obama-rama
NO to Obama's baby mama's doll drama


I can't spend 4 years listening to Deborah Norville think she's funny because she can rhyme Obama with 4 consecutive words. So please, I beg of you all, STOP

I can't take it, I don't want to hear it! Where will it end?? Obama's llama's pajama rama-dama drama??

Perhaps I should just stop watching Inside Edition.. I mean SERIOUSLY!!!


Thany said…
Yeah....I'm with ya on that.
Louchart45 said…
Yes. Stop watching Inside Edition. What's wrong with you?!
Louchart45 said…
In fact, don't watch Extra or Access Hollywood either. Or Talk Soup. Or The Dish. Or the news. Actually, turn off your tv. It's just easier.

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