Hoffy's last stand

Even though it's been fairly certain since late November when Trevor Hoffman's option for 2010 and accompanying contract was pulled. Reality was firmed last week with him being signed to the Brewers.

Tanner did not take the news well. Tanner is not just a Padres fan, he eat, sleeps, breathes baseball.. more specifically PADRE BASEBALL! Hoffman is Tanner's favorite baseball player. In Tanner's eyes, he can do NO wrong.

After taking in the news of Hoffman's new position with the Brewers (pending a physical), Tanner was sad, pouted for a bit and then decide that he knew why Hoffman was let go by the Padres.

" Well I guess because the Padres have been losing so much lately, they just wanted to lose more"

yes Tanner, I think that must be it.


Missy Shell said…
Tanner is brilliant!!! I do believe he's on to something.

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