Some things you would think would be harder to lose..

Today during the dance of a thousand soccer practices, I found myself loitering over by the water fountain at the YMCA.

Located directly next to said water fountain is the lost and found. Now generally, I probably wouldn't have even batted an eye walking past, but one of the items just sorta stood out.

Now amidst the sports practices and camps going on several scenerios presented themselves in my mind.

mom- "You are sure you have everything?"
kid -" yep!"
(several hours later)
kid - "mom I can't find my bar stool!!"
mom - "I asked you to make sure you had everything!"


wife comes home from working out.. throws keys across table...
"oh man.. HONEY!! I need to run back to the Y, I left my bar stool!!""
husband - "AGAIN??? That's the third time this week!"


Brown-Eyed Girl said…
Ohmygosh, that is too funny.

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