Baby sitting age

At what age did you start babysitting? Or more importantly, at what age will you let your kids start babysitting? Connor is 12, and is getting increasingly annoyed when we get a babysitter to watch him and his siblings. I know I was babysitting for our neighbor when I was 12.. but I keep telling myself it's different somehow. I guess the problem is that even though this is Connor now...

When I look at him all I see is


Anonymous said…
An adorable post!

BTW, it's to figure out how to choose an identity.
Anonymous said…
Where are we? How did we get here? Why? I am confused. I just got the MySpace thing figured out. Mom
Crayl said… your one of us! Buwahahaha!
Sooz said…
Welcome! I may have been 11 when I started babysitting...12 for sure, but it seems very young. My nieces are 10 & 12 and my sister doesn't let them stay home alone either. Different times, I think.
Rindie said…
I don't know? I guess it is up to each kid if they are ready. I am a bit behind the curve since I am just about to have my little one start school in a week and a half!!! Oh my goodness!!!!! I can't even think about her being 12 yet. :)
Jacob (your brother) said…
I just forgot how much he used to look like Garrett. Or Garrett looks like he used to. Or...something. (It's midnight, whaddya want from me?!)

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