Seven days of torture , seven days of bitter

ok.. so not really.. but kick ass title don't you think?

So I am now on my third draft of this blog.  Initially I wrote out all the things that have happened in the last few days and MAN did it sound SOOOO depressing.  I certainly don't want to sound sad..  I'm not.  So let me change up the slant of this a bit

Sometimes bad things happen, things we can't control. People you love move, things break, pets become ill, people let you down, relatives pass away, and sometimes you come under attack for just being yourself, but that's life. You can't control the curve balls that life throws, but here are some things you can control:

- This is your choice, yours alone.  People can be total turd munchkins, but don't let them steal your joy.  Hold on to happiness.  My beloved Aunt Pat recently passed away and I can honestly say she leaves a void in my heart, she helped form me into the person I am and for that I am forever grateful. Her passing has also forced me to focus on some other things in my life and how I approach them and how other family and friends approach them.  My advice to you all is LET GO OF THE BITTERNESS, nothing and I mean NOTHING is worth losing family over. Don't let any more holidays go by, don't let any more days go by, you are running out of time. Swallow your pride and reach out to the people who still love you.. Tomorrow may not come.

YOUR WORDS - Say what you mean and mean what you say BUT DON'T SAY IT MEAN! (end of story)

YOUR DESTINY - This one took me a while to realize. Sometimes we feel trapped into a mold, into one way and that this is just how it's going to be, it doesn't have to be. BE YOUR OWN CHAMPION! I have recently taken a few bulls by the horns (as it were) the least of which not being my health. I actually am feeling better than I have in a long time and am pushing forward. It's like living inside my own "choose your own adventure" book.

In other news....

One of my favoritest people on the planet had one of the cutest most beautiful babies I've ever seen. I already love little Charlotte Elizabeth, babies are amazing, I love little people. I get along with little people better than big people half the time.

 I really love kale/spinach smoothies! NO LIE!!! SOOOOO yummy. Oh my gosh getting healthy has never been this awesome.

My dog broke. She is making some improvements, but still stumbles a lot when she walks and falls over. The vet said her brain isn't communicating with her legs...  which leads me to believe that I don't actually have MS, I am pretty sure I have CANINE VESTIBULAR SYNDROME!!

My daughter turns 14 is 7 days! She's gonna LOVE her present! :) I'm so excited to give it to her. :) She brought home her papers last week for high school.. GASP , I am proud of her and her strait A's and her GO GET EM attitude, but I kinda miss my little tiny baby girl. However her teenager self is pretty awesome.

I think we will be getting a new to us car this week.  Kinda exciting. This van that we have , we bought used and has just never been quite right, time to cut our losses I think. :)


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