7 years ago today

7 years ago - We had just moved to California.

7 years ago - I only had 3 kids.

7 years ago - Connor was in his first week of Kindergarten.

7 years ago - Everything changed.

7 years ago - I woke up to a different America.

7 years ago - I was afraid in my own home for the first time.

7 years ago - I was afraid of what the future held for my family, and all the military families around us.

7 years ago - I was in disbelief.

7 years ago - The sound of a plane brought tears to my eyes.

7 years ago - We spent the day not knowing the fate of Daniel's uncle.

7 years ago - We learned that the United States was vulnerable.

7 years ago - Patriotism and the love of country was struck into our hearts.

What has happened since then? What have YOU learned in the last 7 years?


Sharon said…
Wow, I have learned alot in 7 years. But most of all I have learned to be more thankful. Love this!

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