Oh Oh the O's!!

Ten fabulous things that I am thankful for all beginning with the letter O.

10) Olive the other reindeer - By far the best Christmas Cartoon (of the newer type stuff)

9 ) Oranges - They are both yummy and nice smelling

8) Orders - The ones that brought us here

7) Oreos - I know a lot of my fellow bloggers have been thankful for them today.. but they are just that yummy.

6) Oddness - Which happens to be my way of being. Embrace you oddity!

5) Ornaments - The ones I get my kids each Christmas.

4) O.K. - and the state of being such.

3) Oatmeal - Warm yummy goodness

2) Ompaloompas - The ones form the original movie of course, not the cheesey re-make.

1) Obscure - As in obscure references that my friends actually get. :) I.E. He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny


Mrs. Carol said…
I should have remembered ornaments.
Bill and I have one from every place we've been. I can't wait to put them on our tree this year.
Missy Shell said…
A Christmas Story...good call!
Crayl said…
Indeed, good flick, good quote. Your eldest son is huge. Wow.
*emmy said…
Great, I now want Oreos.

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