ten on Tuesday the combined addition

I missed my ten on Tuesday last week, so hear is my combined R and S list :)

10) Rabbits ( I love ours, all of them.. but especially Mr.Buns.. (Don't tell Simba and Lola)
Sleeping - Truly my favorite past time

9) Running - as in the exercise not as in running errands.
Silence - turns out it really is golden

8) Reminiscing - It's fun to "remember when"
Serenity - sometimes I long for it

7) Rolos

6) Renting movies

5) Rock n Roll - LOVE it, it soothes me
Singing - it is my zen

4) silliness

3) Staying in one place for 8 years (San Diego)

2) Sharing - with the ones you need to share all your inner most everythings with.
Romance - and the regaining of it before it was too late

1) Sunglasses- Even though now I have sunglass tan lines
RINDIE - I love her more than she could ever know. :)


Rindie said…
Ahhh! i love you too Amy!! :)
Crayl said…
Nicely done, I wondered where you went!

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