Amy's day.. the choose your own adventure version.

Today I got up
a) at 6:00 as normal.
b) at 5:30 so I would have all kinds of time to get ready.
c) 10 minutes before we are supposed to leave the house.

On the way to school,
a) nothing exciting happened and we got there early.
b) I noticed that I was almost out of gas so we had to stop, making us even later.
c) the van was beamed straight to Pershing middle school by the starship enterprise.

On my way home
a) I got a call fro the school, telling me that Connor's lunch account has been being "accidentally" used by another student and he has burned through 30$ in 9 days.
b) I drove into a black whole.
c) I stopped to have tea with the queen.

Upon arrival home I found that Smokey had
a) up ended the trash can, eaten part of the sofa and half a box of crayons.
b) learned how to work the dishwasher.
c) grown a brain.

Then I was off to
a) the insane asylum to have myself committed.
b) coffee with Emmy.
c) see the wizard.

We had
a) coffee, chat and a quick stop to pick up 24 balloons.
b) to ask the wizard to give me a brain.
c) the chance to run off to a deserted island.

I then set out to
a) weave a rug out of dog hair.
b) pick my kids up from school.
c) do a little dance.... get down tonight.

During home work this afternoon
a) Tanner "accidentally" did Garrett's homework.
b) Garrett translated "One Fish Two Fish" into Yiddish.
c) Connor did his homework with no fussing at all.

Then we had
a) a nice quite evening at home.
b) 2 soccer practices, (over lapping) and youth group. (Daniel of course is not home)
c) a contest to see who could solve the global warming problem first.

Finally it was time for bed, so all the kids
a) suddenly remembered they all had unfinished homework.
b) are still popping out of their bedrooms every five minutes like groundhogs.
c) sang the "Von Trap" good night song and disappeared quietly upstairs.
d) both a and b

a) should be just as mellow.
b) will be full of surprises.
c) I'm staying in bed. You can't make me get up so THHHHHPPPPTTTT


Sharon said…
1. c
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. b
6. a
7. b
8. a
9. b
10. d
11. b

Am I the winner??? Did I get them all right? I can't keep up with this whole "four kids in school thing". It is a job in itself.
Dixie said…
Oh the horrors! If I have to yell at Nathan one more time to stop trying to pull off his brother's head, I am going to explode! And now I find that life just gets crazier as they get older?!?!?! No fair!!! I am going to bed and not getting up ever!!!
Love ya!
Thany said…
I love that Tanner "accidently" did Garrett's homework. That cracked me up.

I hope today was better!!

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