Ten on Tuesday.. this week Q.. how quaint

10 quite quick q blessings

questmonger - who doesn't love a good inquest?

quatrefoil - beautiful, yet handy for Christmas

quaternion - mine are kids

quarion - handy during power outages

quacksalver - I fear I've seen several of these, but they brought me to where I am now.

quadragenarian - Which my brother will be quite soon.. and before me, which makes me smile. :)

quarrenden - not your average "Washington Red"

quidditative - I am me

quittance - one of the greatest gifts I ever received. Ahh the peace it brought.

quiet - how things are in my house ever Tuesday, and most days until 2:00 :)

(ok now go google most of my words.. you know you want to :))


Crayl said…
Someone has been looking in the dictionary...or do you always throw around $5 words?
:) So glad you added your Q's.
MomOfDudes said…

My dictionary is still out from my Q-10 adventure and YOU WIN!!!NONE of your words are in there!!!

Except for quiet of course.
rindieeagle said…
Hahaha! While I was reading (sounding like I just started school sounding each word out), I was thinking :she is going to make me look all these up huh? I was right!
Heather said…
Wow! I only know what the last one is! I am going to Google the rest right now and then use them in my daily vocabulary. (Okay, just kidding about the last part. But I am going to look them up.)

Great list!
Sharon said…
Quite Quacky Q's!!

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