Can you hear that deafening silence?

So today I am alone.

I know what you are all thinking..


Last week as you all know Garrett started school. However, I had JoJo the little girl I watch everyday. So I was still busy. However today.. no JoJo.. kids are at school, and my house is the quietest I have ever heard it. I can hear the dog chewing.. EWWW

So here is the thing. I can't remember the last time I spent a day alone. I'm not sure it's happened since Connor was born. Now first off I don't go places much with out at least a kid or two in tow. Even when I am gone, generally I am with some one else. So NOT alone.

Daniel and I have never gone away with out the kids. I have been gone over night before, but it was to go to a wedding, or walk 60 miles, or be in labor.. not alone.

So here I sit alone.

I have many suggestions from my fab friends on what I could do... Organize, sew, clean, go to the gym, get coffee, watch a rated R movie, or my personal favorite.. go somewhere with narrow aisles and breakable items. :)

Yet with all the things I CAN be doing, I don't know what to do. It's quite surreal actually. It's a whole new chapter in our lives. New beginnings for the whole Eagle family... let's see where it takes us. :)


rindieeagle said…
I can partially empathize. :)
Miss you lots!
MomOfDudes said…
I completely understand. I actually hyperventilated when I took Eric to kindergarten at the though of being alone for hours.

I promise you my friend... You will survive... And THRIVE

For now... Be alone, rest, relax, dont get depressed by the heaviness of the quiet, just be...
LaDonna said…
I know, after homeschooling all these years and being at Jr. Theatre with them and stuff, having both girls at college (community college or no) and being home alone for once is so weird. Enjoy it and you'll figure out what to do with yourself in these moments. I'm working on it too. Just remember who you are during those alone moments. That's what I'm working on.
Sharon said…
Oh the silence. Such a great time for self-reflection! Be free Amy!

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