What are YOU going to be for Halloween??

This was the hot topic in the car on our way to school yesterday morning.
Paige has decided on a butterfly because well butterflies are cool.

Tanner and Garrett were batting around numerous ideas. Currently "Wall-E" and "Batman" seem to be winning...

All good choices... Then Connor says ..

"Mom, can I be TOMMY CHONG?"

(uhhhhh WHAT???!!! ... )

me - "I think Party City is fresh out of "Tommy Chong" costumes.


rindieeagle said…
First, I have to say good choice to Paige, TJ will be a butterfly this year too. :) They are too cute!
Next, I pretty much said the same thing you did about Chong. What?? :)
Sharon said…
Where does this boy get his ideas??
Crayl said…
How does he know who Tommy Chong is?
Dixie said…
lol... I am quite certain I didn't know who Tommy Chong was when I was his age. As for our boys costumes this year, I am kinda thinking Nathan will want to be Wall-E, along with most other little boys this year. And Sam won't care at all. I get another year or so before either boy really has a strong opinion about their costumes....I think!
Mountainflower said…
I don't know about the kids, but I am going to be the greatest super hero of all time. . . The Barista
Thany said…
Tommy Chong is on That 70's Show...does he know him from there?

Think you could get Daniel to dress up as Cheech? He has the 'stache for it!
MomOfDudes said…
Again, you made me totally laugh.

Tommy Chong now that I can do, bandana, giant hobo cigar, hippie clothes.

Eric my 13 year old had informed me he wants to be a gothic/victorian guy

That kid watches too much Anime'
*emmy said…
How does he know who Tommy Chong is?

So who is going to be cheech?

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