So we made it barely a week into school before I got a call. (go Eagle kids) apparently yesterday at recess Tanner punched another kid. I talked to him.. I did tell him not to hit, but he didn't get "in trouble" as it were.

Here's the story...

Tanner and his cohorts were playing a game, another kid comes up and starts being mean to one of Tanners friends. Tanner sticks up for his friend, so now the mean little kids starts calling Tanner names and shoving him. Tanner first tried to walk away, then he started looking for a teacher. The mean little kid was just following him around during this calling him and his friends names, pushing him... then it happened.... He made fun of Tanner's glasses..

Tanner turned around and knocked him on his ass.

the offending phrase

"you little glasses wearer head".

On a side note, I was talking to our #2 in command (Miss Norma) at the school this morning. She said that she made the little bully kid come in the office and tell them why he was making fun of Tanner... When he came in, EVERY adult in the office, had glasses on. :) hehe (we love Norma)


rindieeagle said…
Wow! I am glad it all got worked out. :)
Missy Shell said…
I'm so proud of you ass-knocking kid.

He stood up for his friend, then tried to end it peacefully. One should only have to take so much.

Like Kenny Rogers says, "Sometimes you have to fight when you're a man."
Sharon said…
Oh sweet Tanner. You show em who's boss! I love your little glasses wearing head!!
Anonymous said…
Priceless! :>)

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