Top 5

And now for more random brain vomit, my top 5's

Top 5 epiphanies
1- Crappy shizz happens, you can't control it, you CAN control how you react to it.

2- Happiness is a choice, if you rely on other humans to make you happy, you WILL ALWAYS be let down.

3 - "Little Red Corvette" by NOT about a car! 0_0

4- Worrying will not, does not, cannot, change the outcome of anything.

5. I have awesome ( insane, erratic, filter free, sometimes anger inducing) kids, who are going to be adults far too soon. Don't miss a minute.

Top 5 questions asked in the Eagle house daily

1- What's for dinner?

2 - Have you seen my ID?

3- Who stole the ______?

4 - Where are my keys?

5- Can someone please call my phone?

Top 5 most bizarre Eagle injuries of all time

1 - Tried to relive my cheerleader days... Ruptured all the ligaments in my ankle.

2- Zipped lip in tent.

3 - Walked into fence... Lost 2 teeth.

4 - Garrett sprained ankle and bruised foot by slipping in dog vomit.

5- jumped THROUGH trampoline, dislocated knee.

Top 5 things we're doing over spring break

1- Not going to school or work!! Woooohooo

2- Going to Aztec NM to see a large section of the Eagle clan.

3 - Going to Tonopah to see my folks/ the bestest grand dog sitters!

4 - Spending a day or two in Flagstaff with my brother and his fabulous family. <3

5 - Grand Canyon

Top 5 recent things that make me happy

1- My hair looked awesome last Thursday.

2- Got Kaiden and Kyra back!

3 - Dixie bought our NKOTB tickets!! We're on the floor baby.

4- Got to spend the most amazing day in Disney with my family and my brothers family.

5- Its 8 a.m on a Saturday, and I'm still in bed.

Top 5 concerts I've been to ( my favorites) it was hard to narrow this down to 5. ( and I only put NKOTB once not all 5.. Be proud of me)

1 - Phil Collins (94)
2 - NKOTBSB (11)
3 - Flogging Molly (13)
4 - Weird Al (12)
5 - The Eagles (95)

Top 5 goals I'm currently working on

1 - Being healthier ( making my name NOT be synonymous with bacon)

2 - Being happier

3 - Throwing away all the crap I don't need.

4 - Get out of debt and buy a house <3

5 - Be a better wife, mom and friend.


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