and on the seventh day he rested..

I have several religious theories that my mind has developed over the years. Or at least that my mind has further explored and added too..

One of which has been very prevalent in my mind lately.  I see friends suffering, I see illness, homelessness, debt, wars, natural disasters, and as a small minded human, I wonder why.  Where is God?  Obviously he knows, he's omniscient!  So why?

I'm sure you all know how the Bible begins (and if you don't go dust off your bible and read it.. seriously.. it's just a good idea) ... "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  What was before the beginning?  God existed, just our world didn't.. so he created it. He created the heavens and earth, plants, animals, water, humans all that we see...  If you take the bible at literal value it took 7 days...

Often times people will say things like "in God's timing" or "God's timing is not our timing" If God's timing is different, wouldn't it be true that God's TIME is different.

"In the beginning" when our earth didn't exist, neither did our days.. as in a 24 hour period.... OUR DAYS are 24 hours not Gods.

In researching this theory (thank you google) I found that The Hebrew word "yowm" means "God day" also a "God Day" , a yowm is said to last up to 2 billion of our years...

so here's my theory..

"and on the seventh day he rested"...

It's still the 7th day....


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