A quiet night at home

Today I was talking to a lady I have only known for a very short period of time, so she doesn't really know me or my kids.. I feel like I need to preface the story with that..

She was talking about her child and all their goings on, with this sport and that sport and this class and that class. I listened graciously (cause I totally can pull of gracious) and smiled and nodded.  She talked about practices and recitals, and then asked me what I had going on tonight. I said "my oldest has a band concert." To which she replied "That's it? LUCKY!, I wish I got a quiet night at home"

Again, CLEARLY she doesn't know my family. With the exception of my hubby, QUIET is not how we roll...

The bell rang at 11:40, I collected Garrett and Kaiden and Kyra, played a rousing round of the animal game ans arrived home a little after noon. The dogs had upended the trash can and eaten much of a box of crayons. The boys played video games while a very tired Kyra made her mom a birthday card and then rested for a few minutes on the couch.  At  2:00 we left to go get Paige, picked her up at Pershing and headed to Patrick Henry, did the parking lot swap, got Tanner from Heather and dropped Kaiden and Kyra to Stacy. Connor got out of P.E. at 3 and we headed home.  Listening to the sounds of grumbling kids and Garrett who has taken up yelling out the names of random fruits.

Arrived home by 3:15, homework, Paige destroying what isn't destroyed in her room looking for an envelope full of money that she has been saving up to pay her way to Hume Lake this summer, she seems to have misplaced it and the search has been aggressive, fierce, and LOUD. (sprinkled with a good amount of teenage angst)

Dog # 1 vomited up crayon, Dog #2 spent 20 minutes barking at a music box.

Connor needed to get into his tux, dinner had to be done, and homework needed to be finished.

Tanner is working on a clarinet solo for the upcoming band concert...

The phone rang roughly 15 times, and the doorbell twice.

Tanner suddenly remembered he needed to interview someone for his narrative essay, and felt the need to sing me a song he and his friends wrote about their teacher...(ummm yahhh)
Garrett thinks it's fun to repeat everything EVERYONE says,
Paige is hopelessly 14.

Daniel took Connor to his band concert..

To the best of my knowledge homework is done, showers are next. Garrett announced he would rather not wash his hair for a few weeks.. "just to see"
Hair WILL be washed.

I just found a chicken wing in the silverware drawer..

ahhhh just another QUIET night at home.. who's LUCKIER than me?
I submit.. no one! :)


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