because eating worms is gross..

I have been feeling sooooo just sad the last few days.  Mostly little things, that for whatever reason seem like big things, but really aren't in the big scheme of things.  So for no real reason or at least no good reason I have been a sad pittiful mess.  Soooo today despite the gloomy weather I tried to shift my focus, so here is a fabulous pictoral of my day, of...

(drum roll please)

My antique cookie jar collection

The carne asada I had for dinner

My beautiful friend Kristen who called me today at exactly when I needed someone, just to chat

How my dog sits on the couch to look out the window

This picture

The teapot my mom got me

This little bug that we get to hang out with (along with her super sweet brother) every day after school

 The flowers from my hubby

My mantra "in control"


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