I'm bringing kindness back

When did kindness become old fashioned??? When did it become ok to just be rude? I marvel at this phenomenon every day. It’s just getting worse.

I’ve come very close lately to deleting all social media due to the negativity of it all just eating my soul. People who I love, respect, look up to just spewing venom about any group/ thought/ etc that does not emulate their own. It has seemingly become completely acceptable to tear apart anyone who disagrees with you in the name of equality.  Don’t believe me? On any sad news story, comment that you are praying for them…. Then wait… within moments you will be torn to shreds by people who don’t believe in God. These same people who claim Christians are hateful and discriminatory, but it’s ok to be hateful to them? Wait,  WHAT??!!!

The other day my daughter brought to me her “political swear jar” that she plans to put out at her graduation party. Anyone caught talking about the election has to donate to her college fun. Yes it was done in jest as a joke, and yes it was funny, but honestly part of it broke my heart. It hurt my heart because it tells me that deep down my daughter is afraid that her friends and family are going to get in a fight at her graduation. IT’S NOT OK!!!

It’s not ok to be full of hate and anger towards anyone! Even if you think they are wrong. Still not ok. Even if you don’t like what they stand for. Still not ok. Even when leaders, actors, politicians etc do it. STILL NOT OK!

I’m a Christian… If you’re not.. That’s cool.  I’m ok with you not believing in what I believe in, you need to be ok with my believing in what I believe in. You don’t need to tell me I’m stupid or wrong, you can just let me be. I’m happy, I’m trying to do good in the world, and in the end if it turns out you’re right, what harm have I done leading a Christ based life and not being a asshat to everyone?

My political ideals probably don’t line up with yours… that’s cool. Good news WE ALL GET TO VOTE FOR WHO WE LIKE! Isn’t that great? I can vote for my candidate you can vote for yours.. That’s cool.

I let my kids eat fast food and play video games, some of those games are kinda violent. If you want your kids to only eat organic, and never touch a screen.. That’s cool.

I own a gun. I can shoot that gun. If I could have a conceal carry in California, I would.  I would also never hurt a fly. It’s my right to have a gun. It’s your right not to like that. I’m not a bad person or a threat because I have one. If you don’t like them I respect that, I won’t bring it up around you, I won’t bring it around you. You don’t have to agree with me, just respect me. That’s cool.

I’m not gay. I like men. If you do too that’s fine, if you don’t that’s also fine. I feel STRONGLY that whatever we do (with in the law) in our private time, is just that. PRIVATE TIME!!! Love whoever you love, and let me do that same.. That’s cool.

I go to Sea World. Yes I saw blackfish. I still support Sea World. I also saw “Supersize me”, I clearly still support the fast food industry. If you don’t, THAT’S COOL!

I will NEVER call you names or be mean to you because you are not the same as me. I will not judge you or treat you differently because your opinions are not my own. I will never tell my FRIENDS to delete me or block me if they do not agree with me. WE ARE PERPETUATING THE PROBLEM!!!

My friends it is time to wake up.

There is so much hate in this world, it seems to grow every day. It’s growing because we are feeding into it! I believe that we are all inherently good. We can make changes by just choosing to make our little corner of the universe not suck.

I’m not saying to keep your opinions to yourself. By all means SHARE them! I want to know what you think and how you feel, but being passionate about something should never turn into being hateful to someone else who does not share that same passion.  I’ve spent so much of my life being afraid to share different parts of me, because I didn’t want to offend anyone.

Existing shouldn’t be offensive.


I ask all of you to just step forward in love. Step forward in the knowledge that your friends and family and even strangers are probably all just trying to do the best they can, not secretly evil or stupid, just making their way through life the best way they know how. Know that just because I disagree with you it doesn't mean I don't love you.

I challenge all of you to spend the next week mindfully and purposefully not fighting. Not insulting. Not perpetuating anger and hate. Try to understand why people believe differently. Debate is great! Be constructive. You can express why you feel the way you do without putting others down.

Let's all just do the best we can to spread a little more kindness and understanding.


Caran Taggart said…
As usual I love the way you express yourself. And I agree with you, but even if I didn't, that's cool
Lynne said…
YES, YES, YES. I too am ready to ditch social media for the same reasons.
Jody said…
Love this! School is out today for the summer... starting Monday we are doing SUMMER OF SERVICE where we have a jar of popsicle sticks with a random act of kindness written on it... each morning one of my kids will pick a stick and as a family we will complete the act of kindness/service to someone NOT in our family. I am so excited! I feel like my kids are going in the direction of "entitlement" so I hope that this is a way to spark the love of service for others in them. Wish us luck!

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