Kinda playing, but kinda making up my own rules

I love randomness, so I stole this from my friend, but I'm not at all playing by the actual rules, I'm just doing my own thing.

List 11 Random facts

1 - I've attributed my weight to the way I socialize. I'm a very social person, but when I get together with friends, it usually involves food. So who wants to hang out doing something that doesn't involve eating?

2 - My Danny Wood obsession may have hit an all time high.

3 - I love people too much, sometimes to the point of being blind.

4 - I'm completely convinced that someday I'll be a millionaire.

5 - I accidentally lie about my age. I am 38, but I usually say 36, not sure why... It's my default point.

6 - I used to walk everywhere, I need to start doing that again.

7 - Last night I applied for a job I am not qualified for, but am really hoping I get it.

8 - I need new recipes. Now accepting suggestions.

9 - I'm still waiting for the growth spurt everyone told me was coming when I was younger.

10 - I am really smart, yet confuse really easily.

11 - I have a really amazing life.

11 Questions
1. What word do you use all the time and in what context?
I talk so much, I use all words all the time.

2. Name one thing you did that made you proud of yourself this week.
I touched Danny Wood, and then he and Vanilla ice followed me on twitter.

3. What is your favorite place to hang out with your girlfriends?
Any where they are, but I do love me some blueberry beer and sweet potato fries with my fabulous Jules.

4. What is the last text message you received say? Who was it from?
"Hehe... are you gonna be home soon?" From Ross

5. What was the oddest thing you ate as a kid?
I would make bowls of frosting and eat it when I was home sick from school.

6. What nickname does only your family or close friends call you? Tootie and Liz

7. Do people tell you that you act older, younger, or your age? Younger... Way younger

8. Ever been skinny dipping?

9. Do you wear pajamas to places other than at your house?
Never ( except to Wal Mart)

10. What sound or noise do you love?

11. Ever had an imaginary friend as a child?
Yes, her name was Cha Cha


1, 3 and 4 from your random facts about you, are totally me. I knew I liked you from the moment we first met!

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