I'm actually 5'5

I'm horribly insecure

I have seen ghosts

I don't like my birthday, it's a cursed day. Like legitimately cursed. I always get panic attacks around this time of year

I'm terrified of the dentist

I think Connor has the best voice of anyone I know

Sometimes I drive in the carpool lane when I'm alone

I'm not very patient

I can never tell if people like me

I hide in the closet when I'm upset

I've written 1 whole and 4 partial books

I love owls

The thing that stresses me out the most in life is money ( actually the lack there of)

I find it absolutely surreal that I'm turning 39

If I ever win the lottery I'm hiring a personal organizer

My house overwhelms me

I'm addicted to nasal spray

I have long philosophical discussions with my dog

I've become really good friends with some of the people from my youth that I never really knew for as long as I've known them

I tell the door to door meat salesman that I'm vegan

I would love to watch a baby all day again, but just one.


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