Thankfulness and other assorted thoughts that I think.

Tis the season of gratitude! Everyday I see all flavors of thankfulness popping up on my social media. Ranging from the deeply sentimental "thankful for Bob who saved my life back in 84'.." To the thankfulness space fillers " yay for fuzzy socks!"

Now don't get me wrong I love the sentiment, but I also challenge all you thankful posters not to lose sight of gratitude for the next 365.

So in the spirit I've been contemplating just what I'm thankful for, and more importantly being truly grateful for what I have in my life. So here are a few thoughts of mine...

I am thankful for:

4 kids who are independent thinkers. Who are ok breaking the mold, who really don't fit in any one category.

For a wonderful husband who still loves me no matter how many times I completely mess up. If I had wound up with any one else I'd probably be buried in a desolate area somewhere. Not sure another human exists that could put up with me.

For my faith, for knowing God exists, loves me, and good things are coming my way.

For being me, I spent a lot of years letting what other people told me about me, become how I view myself. I let their perceptions of me shape me. I was too happy, sad, messy, whiny, skinny, fat, helicopter parent, not involved enough et al.. And I let it define me. So I'm thankful that for the first time in recent memory, I really like me. Others can have opinions of me, but it doesn't make them true, or prophetic.

For Green elementary. As my days there are numbered, I am for ever grateful for this place. My children's childhoods happened here. They grew up here, learned to read, to make friends, to win and to lose. I'm grateful for the teachers who cared and still care about my kids, and for the ones that I will keep as friends the rest of my life.

For my brother, who I will always look up to, who helped shape the person I am. Who is brilliant, funny, compassionate and I would be lost without him. ( sorry for breaking your arm 30 years ago) and I'm thankful for the amazing woman he married ( good job marrying up) my life would be so dull without Katie.

I'm thankful for everything! My friends, my family, my successes and my failures. It has all lead me to where I am today.

I am thankful for you!
And of course...
For fuzzy socks


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