Living in a civilian world

My husband is stationed aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.  A week ago that sentence meant little to anyone except myself (and fellow friends/spouses who have a loved one aboard). It wasn't that it wasn't important, it just wasn't of consequence to most. My family and friends knew Daniel was deployed, and that I am here with my kids alone until who knows when, but the ship name, made little difference.

This week however  was a different story. I have had a lot of people calling , texting, emailing to ask me what ship Daniel is on. Suddenly being on the USS Ronald Reagan is a big deal.

A horrible tragedy befell our friends in Japan, and the USS Ronald Reagan is snapping to action. They are heading the relief effort in Japan.  They are taking risks, they are working hard, they are giving their all to serve and protect..

Just like they did last week..

Only this week it's news...

Next week and next month and next year, there will still be men and women out on these ships, ready to respond to whatever happens.  They will be there, they will do their best, they will push on. It's their job. It's a hard job.  It's a job that calls them away from their families months on end.. sometimes longer.  They will miss Birthday's and Christmases, they will miss the birth's of their children, the deaths of their loved ones, and they will be there, and the will serve and protect, whether on American soil, or abroad, they are there, doing their duty.  Doing what they believe in, and sacrificing so very much for the country they love and their families back home.

God Bless the men and women of the Ronald Reagan and all the men and women serving our country.


Angela said…
Wow, Amy. Praying for you.
amanda said…
Amen Amy. I totally understand and I'm here for you and your family.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it amazing that what they do affects people daily, but nobody seems to get until there's a tragedy. They don't think about what's been avoided because our Military Members are out there every day, not just during an emergency. Well said Amy!
Oh my sweet Amy I am praying for Daniel in the name of Jesus and praying over you and your family. My heart goes out to you.


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