Conversations with my kids..

*radio playing* - ./` Let's burn the roof... ./`
 Garrett- "Well that seems like an extreme renovation"


Garrett - " My teacher won't let me go to the nurse's office anymore, she says I go too much"
me - "Well what does that tell you?"
Garrett- " That I should ask Mr. Edwards during P.E.??"


Connor - " We just have this project thing we are doing on Les Mis"
Me - " Have you read it?"
Connor - "uhhh Read it?? It's a play. "
Me - "yes.. Have. You. Read. It??"
Connor - " I know all I need to know.. Guy steals bread, goes to jail for a long time, chic dies at the end"



Missy Shell said…
I love it when your kids say stuff; it always brightens my day. :-)
Thany said…
Oh good, people are always telling me to read Le Mis and now I don't have to!

He needs to start something called "Connor Notesl Way Shorter Than Cliff's!"

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