My amazing, fantabulous, all in one, catch up Christmas vacation blog.

I have lots of fabulous things to say, so this may be a multi- blog day! (gasp gasp, I know I know) I will start with a brief summation of the amazing "EAGLE'S CHRISTMAS VACATION!" (or something like that)

We had our "Christmas morning" here on the night of the 19th. We were off the next morning at the crack of nine to head to Flagstaff, Az to see my brother and his awesome family. My parents also came in that night. It was so much fun to see everyone. Although no trivia type games were played, (I'm still recovering from the sad sad absence of this).

Sunday evening mass at my brother's church stirred lots of questions from my kids. They have never sat through a catholic mass before (not since they can remember at least) It was a really nice service and this made for some great conversation. I am more and more convinced every day that Connor will be a Baptist Pastor some day. That boy has some serious fire and conviction.

It snowed a bit while we were there, BRRR BRRRR double BRRRRRRRRRRR. The kids had a awesome time playing in the snow with cousin Dermot. Paige spent more time chasing Kieran around the house. :)

On the 23rd, we headed out on our last leg of the trip. We drove up to Aztec New Mexico to surprise Daniel's mother. About 3 months ago, my father in-law devised a plan to have the whole family show up for Christmas. Unbeknownst to my mother in-law who had no clue anyone was coming. She was SHOCKED to say the least when she opened the door to see all her son's and daughter in-laws, and grandchildren, singing "jingle bells" on her front porch. It was pretty cool.

We got to see a lot of Daniel's extended family, and spent some awesome time with Brenden and Rindie and their girls.

It was a really fun trip.

The 15+ hour ride home on the 27th I could have done with out, but all in all..

I wouldn't change a thing.


Dixie said…
Yea! I am glad you all had such a great time. We did too. I got one more Christmas dinner to cook...tomorrow the Hedges side is getting together for dinner. And then it will be time to go back to work on Monday. Boo hoo.
robngirlies said…
Very awesome. I see you got the PJ pants done and they look comfy!! Happy New Year

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