It just doesn't add up

My name is Amy...

and I'm a math failure.

This isn't a new shocking development. I have NEVER been a math whiz. I know this. However now it's hitting home just a little bit harder.

My 12 year old son is now taking Algebra in school. I remember taking pre-algebra is 8th grade, re-taking it in 9th grade, re- re taking it in tenth grade, before I was eventually vanquished to Mr.Taft's math class (aka Math for dorks).

Now my son is looking for me to help him when he is stuck. (huge thanks to all of you who have received frantic 10 P.m. math help phone calls from me)

However, I realize now that I will NEVER know what x=. NEVER EVER and I DON'T CARE! I don't want to know. I don't care what happens if two trains leave Duluth at 3:30 p.m going 55 mph. I JUST DON'T. Fractions suck! 4 out of 3 people are bad at fractions! I'm one of them.

Anyone know a cheap Algebra tutor??


Crayl said…
If I was nearby I would totally help you out!
Praying about your other news.
And i am really glad you didn't fall out of your chair. The team name is WOLVES, thankyou very much, you can use Flaming Balls if you want too. Just remember, it's on a jersey and in photos forever.
Mrs. Carol said…
Oh, Amy, I am so bad at math and I always make up mental math problems that I can't solve. Today I was walking a trying to figure out exactly how many days it's been since July 1st. Then another walker came up and frightened me into the present. It doesn't matter how many....
LaDonna said…
You are fabulously funny. Now, imagine being bad at math like you and having a math genius for a daughter! Aaaagh. Drives me nuts, especially homeschooling. Thank god she's in college now. I think I failed her miserably there.

At any rate, you are not alone and I identify with you 132%. That's a whole pie, right?

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