Nothing, if not amusing!

Over the past few weeks we have had several holiday parties, and Christmas productions for the kids. When my kids are involved, it's always entertaining to say the least. :)

Here are some of the highlights...

We got to see Santa at Daniel's work Christmas party;

Santa - What do you want for Christmas?

Tanner - "NACHOS"
at which point he hopped off Santa's lap and left

Then, when asked the same question by Santa,

Garrett - "Two dollars, my mom said she'd give me two dollars if I sat on your lap"

Connor winning a "Cars" night light playing "put the nose on Rudolph", at a command party CLEARLY geared towards tiny kids.

(yes he is on his knees)

Paige and her sweet friend giggling their way through the Children's choir Christmas program.

Tanner nearly falling off the risers during the Church program.

Daniel taking THIS sideways video of Tanner at the school Holiday sing... my husband.. computer genius, NOT a photographer.

and finally the musical/comedic stylings of Garrett.. (I so wish the video was a bit clearer.)


Rindie said…
That was awesome!!
Anonymous said…
Katya adores Paige...she was so pleased that Paige was dressed up as much as she was! :)
Dixie said…
Merry Christmas! So fun looking at what the kids have been up to. Nathan still doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap, but he gets the idea of Santa. We wrote a note to Samta and put it on the tree. Also, Nathan 'decorated' my wall sconces just for Santa, so he'll bring presents. :)

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