I said "I do"

Going on 16 years ago, I stood up in front of all my friends and family and said "I do".  Well actually if you were at my wedding you know that isn't entirely true, when asked "Do you Amy Louchart take Daniel Eagle to be your lawfully wedded husband...." I said "uhuh". However the sentiment was there.

I was 19, had lead a fairly sheltered existence without much exposure to the "real world", and honestly had absolutely NO idea what I was getting in too.  All I knew at that moment was that I really liked this guy, and the thought of him being in Hawaii for three years without me, kinda killed me, so we got married.  We got chastised, told we were crazy, and I heard rumors of a certain uncle starting a betting pool at the reception as too how long we would stay married, I hope someone bet on forever.

So I said "I do" well "uhuh" and I didn't know what all I was saying "uhuh" too.  Which was probably good, because I may never have said it at the time, being a lovesick 19 year old.  I did though, and I said "uhuh" to moving every few years for the first bit of our lives together, and "uhuh" to better and worse, and we have had a lot of both.  I didn't know at the time that I was saying "yes I will stand by you through four knee surgeries, four labors,  four states, and seven addresses,  I also was saying "yes I will have my heart broken every year or so, when I say goodbye to you for 2, 4, 7, 12 months at a time." "I'll move across the country pregnant,  stay up waiting for the phone to ring, spend holidays and birthdays alone, try to be mom and dad, and a every other profession under the sun all at once."  I will be angry at you for things you can't control, and some days I'll want to throw big heavy things at you, but through it all, and no matter how mad we get, we always find a way to forgive each other, and when I said "uhuh" I said "uhuh" forever.

I love who we were all those years ago, I love that we jumped in both having no idea what to expect, and I love who we are now.

So when you leave Tuesday on that stupid ship, you can know that I will be here, and at some point the van will break, the dog will barf on my bed, the kids will fight and when you call and ask how they are doing I will probably tell you to pick your favorite child so I can assure that one will still be here when you get back, but also know that I got this, I am going to be okay, and when you come home it will be like you never left, and everything will fall back into place.

Given the chance, I would say "uhuh" all over again. 


Jody said…
Happy Anniversary Amy and Daniel! You two are lucky to have each other! Here's to "uhuh" forever! =)

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