Red faced Wednesday

So after talking about my recent dress mishap, I was chatting with a friend, and realized that I have the ability to embarrass myself and others on a pretty regular basis. Most of which are amazingly amusing, so I figured I will share some of these fabulous yet embarrassing stories with all of you. In particular the ones that I don't do on purpose. I mean it is funny to go to big 5 and tell the sales person when he asks if he can help me that I'm just there to check out his balls.. but the unintentional crazy moments of life are all the more embarrassing.

Now most of you know the famed "fat cheerleader" story, but for those of you who don't......

About 3 years ago Tanner and I were watching TV. Garrett was napping, and Paige and Connor were at school. We were watching "Lazy Town" on Nick, and Sportacus has a tendency to jump out and touch his toes in the air. I told Tanner I used to be able to do that when I was a cheerleader. He said "no huh" , at that moment.. it was on.

Forgetting the fact that I was in my small living room, not in any sort of athletic shape, and that my days of a cheerleader were 15 some years in the past, I was determined to prove Tanner wrong. So up I jump, was actually able to touch my toes! YAY ME!! Now the landing on the other hand. Well that didn't go so well. I landed with my right ankle turned completely underneath me. My entire weight plopped down on the side of my ankle. OW
So here I sit in the middle of my floor, with my son laughing hysterically saying "see told ya you couldn't". I'm laughing at the silliness of it all, but the pain in my ankle was increasing by the second. So I try to stand up.. nope not happening.

It is at this moment the I realize that I probably need to seek medical attention, meaning.. I HAVE TO CALL AND TELL SOMEONE WHAT I DID!

So I call Daniel at work and the call went something like this.
Me- Hi honey, how busy are you?
D - Why?
Me - Well I think I may need you to come home if you can
D - Why?
Me - I think I may have broken my ankle
D - How?
Me - I don't want to tell you, just come home please.
D - Uh ok..

So Daniel comes to get me, I brief him on the situation and off we are to the doctor. Now it was embarrassing enough the situation in general, however the corpsman who wrapped my ankle after the "ruptured ligament" diagnosis, thought he would be funny and say "so when was cheer camp?"

I tell him I was in cheer in 1990

to which Doogie Howser replies.. "WOW I WAS 5".


Missy Shell said…
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Missy Shell said…
That's hilarious.

The kids had to call Andy home to help me once...

I slipped and fell coming down our stairs. One leg was twisted funny under me, the other was just kind of dangling, but my right elbow had wedged in between the railings of the staircase. And my wedged elbow was "above" me. Does that make any sense? I was stuck, I couldn't get leverage to get up. I had to stay there until he got home. Thankfully, he only works 2 miles from here!
LaDonna said…
That's so funny. Did you smack him? If it makes you feel better, I snapped my ligaments in my ankle/leg clipping coupons. Well, I was clipping them on the floor and I had to potty so I got up and you know how slippery those things are? One foot went out and I landed on the other. So embarrassing.
Thany said…
You didn't mention the call you had to make to your DIRECTOR about hoe her LEADING LADY was trying to impress her child and was now LIMPING SEVERELY. Nope, I didn't read that part.

Amy said…
OH that's right!! I failed to mention this was a few weeks before Christmas, and I was the small tiny part of MARY ifor our upcoming church performance... (and look Bethany let me live.. how nice of her) :)
*emmy said…
Oh how I love you.....hee-hee-heee-hee. I totally remember that story.
Crayl said…
I didn't know the details of the limping Mary.

I once severely cut my hand (needing medical services) cutting Rice Krispie Treats, yep, those things are dangerous!
Mrs. Carol said…
Back in the day....when I was a new teacher. I was trying to show my children how to hang by their knees the safe way with their legs locked. I unlooked my legs to make a don't do this statement when I fell on my head and they ran to get another teacher because I was OUT. I was wearing a slippery pants suit (you remember those?) Oh wait you were probably 5 at the time. Love YOU

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