When good haircuts go bad (the shocking photos)

It started off as a good idea. I decided to take the boys to get a hair cut.. and by haircut I mean TRIM TEENSY TINY TRIM. I took them to a kids haircutting place over at Grossmont mall.. they are USUALLY good.. but not today, oh no... NOT today. Neither Tanner or Garrett got what I would call a GOOD haircut, but Garrett's , (insert gianty pouty face here) Garrett's broke my heart. First off when it was originally cut it looked super mullety had one side clearly longer than the other and was uneven. Tanner looks very blunt cut.. but not HORRID I think I can blend it in a bit myself.

I had to get Garrett's hair fixed though, and in doing so, said goodbye to his amazing, fabulous, lovely, curls :( *sniff* *sniff*

Here is what my sweet boy looked like



A friend of mine mentioned extensions... hmmmmm so here are a few style ideas for Garrett untill his natural curls return. :)


Angela said…
Oh, my. Oh, dear me. Oh, wow.
Thany said…
Those P-shops are, um, disturbing. ;)
Dixie said…
Promise me you won't go with any of the hairstyles you Photoshopped!
And at least his beautiful curls will grow out again. :)
*emmy said…
Did he just get older with each picture? Oh wow.

So sorry about the bad haircut. At least it didn't happen to Paige, sweet girl would of crumbled.

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