Tanner is turning 8!!! It's hard to believe! So in honor of my little boy and it being "red faced Wednesday" I will tell an embarrassing story about him.. (and I thought I'd have to wait until his first date.)

About 5 years ago Daniel took Connor, Tanner, and Connor's friend Adam to a baseball game. Apparently the theme of the evening was "mascot night". They wandered around the stands handing out balloons etc to the fans. As the mascot goes to hand Tanner his last balloon, the balloon popped. Tanner instantly dissolved into tears. ( hmm the more things change the more they remain.. anyway) The guy in the mascot suit felt horrid and ran off to fetch Tanner another balloon. Meanwhile, Adam gave Tanner HIS balloon. So then the mascot comes back with a baseball instead. 3 year old Tanner is so very excited. He gets up turns to Daniel (and the rest of the stadium and loudly exclaims)

"and if this balloon pops, I will not cry..... I wil just say "DAMN IT!!!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, loving, sensitive, fun, smart, amazing boy.

Fun, Fabulous, Tanner facts

When Tanner was born we never intended to call him just Tanner, but always Tanner-Paul.
Tanner was the smallest of the three boys weighing in at a mere 9lbs 11oz.
Tanner gave himself a hair cut when he was four and had to be shaved bald.
Tanner can't sleep with out praying, and with out his radio on.
Tanner starts all prayers "dear Lord I just hope we have a good time"
Tanner changed his name to "pretzel donut" and insisted on being called such for about a month.
I cut Tanner's video gaming down to 30 minutes a day when he started randomly yelling "HIGH SCORE" in his sleep.
Tanner is amazing in math.
Tanner is the biggest love bug I know (don't let him fool you) :)


Rindie said…
Sharon said…
Birthday Tanner!! How in the world are you already 8? Was it really 4 years ago that I had to shave your poor head because you practically scalped yourself? You Tanner are the wittiest little boy I know, and I will NEVER forget you!! EVER! xoxoxo
*emmy said…
Happy early Birthday to Tanner. I loved reading the fun Tanner facts. "Pretzel donut" , I love it!
Anonymous said…
Happy Happy Birthday Tanner! today is a great day ;)

Thany said…
I LOVE Tanner Paul.
So glad you were born, sweet boy.
robngirlies said…
Happy Late Bday! What an awesome mom tanner has!
robngirlies said…
Happy Late Bday! What an awesome mom tanner has!

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