Ten on Tuesday.. U should read all my U's

The lovely (yet difficult ) letter U

10) Understanding - Everyone needs at least one person who just "gets" you.
9) Upright, as in Upstanding - Because being deceived, or taken advantage of just hurts.
8) U2 - *sigh* Bono
7) Universe - So glad you are in mine
6) Ukulele - Makes me think of Hawaii, which makes me smile
5) Universal remotes - the handiness of it all is just amazing
4) United States of America - I love my country
3) Uno - Many a power outages have been survived by playing Uno
2) Uranus - Fabulous planet.. fun to say (I'll always be 13 in my heart)
1) Utah - I keep some very dear friends there.


Missy Shell said…
Ha! Uranus...I totally thought of that too. Yay for Jr. High minds!
Crayl said…
Thank you for posting.
Undeniably great list.
Dixie said…
Umbrella -- because I get to use mine so seldom in AZ! :)
Mrs. Carol said…
I miss U, my friend. It always overwhelms me to think that God put us in this time and space in His universe!

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