Very valuble V's

While I agree with Missy Shell, that it can NOT possibly be Tuesday again.. with much Vim and Vigor, I give you the things that I am thankful for that begin with the letter V

in no particular order...

10 - Vicodin - Man my knee hurts

9 - Vampires - the ones in "twilight" I have a special fondness for

8 - Visiting - Family, friends.. et al

7 - Vocabulary (and how exstensive mine is, hehe)

6- Volunteering - Even though I tend not to know when to say when, it still blesses my socks off

5 - VGC - and the family I found there.

4 - Voting - seriously, it really is THAT important.

3 - Veterans - (oddly enough)

2 - Vacations - the relaxing, wandering, no place to be type.

1 - Vanilla - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


*emmy said…
Oh yah, Edward = ) . Only 29 more days till the movie comes out!

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