Breakfast with Harvey

Perhaps you have met my friend Harvey ... my 6 foot invisible rabbit.

Now the good folks at Earth Blend have officially met him as well.

Let me back up a bit..

This morning I had a neurology apt at 8:00, I got done around 8:30 ish and headed home.
On the way back to the house, I remembered I still had a package at the post office that I needed to pick up, so I figured I might as well get it on my way home.
So, off I go to the post office, only to realize it was not open until 9:00. It was too close to 9:00 to justify going home and coming back(plus I knew if I went home, I would never make it back out.. but I digress.) So I started looking around the shopping center for a place to kill 20 minutes.

AHH HA! Earth Blend is open! YAY coffee! So off I go, in hopes oh a lovely piping hot mocha beverage. As I am ordering I SEE IT!! UUGHHH NOOOOOO!! Taped to the front of the register is a sign saying that due to high credit card costs yada yada yada, they will only process credit cards for orders of 10.00 or more. Well my coffee and danish, wouldn't be ten dollars, there was no ATM nearby that I am aware of and, by now I REALLY WANTED COFFEE. As the cadhier stared blankly at me, I felt that leaving would be strange, so thinking quickly I decided to order TWO coffees. Yes yes yes, for me and one apparently for my invisible friend.

BUT WAIT! I had ordered a danish too! I didn't want to appear rude, that I would only get a danish for myself when CLEARLY I was ordering for two people, so I got a second danish. To go of course. I couldn't exactly sit down with two orders and eat alone. So I loitered outside for a bit, then stowed it in my car and ran off to the post office.

Harvey and I had a lovely breakfast.


Rindie said…
You totally crack me up!
Angela said…
I did it!!! I re-linked your blog, and it updated! Yay!!!!!
*emmy said…
Ha, you crack me up. I guess I kinda do that too since ordering two muffins for myself can be embaressing. So I ask Sophia what muffin she wants (knowing clearly she wil just nibble a small bite or two off) then we sit and I "nibble" off of hers when I am done with mine.

Does that make Sophia my Harvey ; ) ?
Missy Shell said…
That's so funny, Amy. I love it!!!

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