I have a friend

I have a friend who I am blatantly stealing this blog idea from. She inspires me, even when she doesn't know she's doing it. She balances me, she isn't afraid to tell me I'm being ridiculous, and loves me when I am.

I have a friend who makes me laugh always. She's colorful, in personality and language, and has a heart of pure gold when it comes to her friends and family.

I have a friend who I like to live vicariously through, the things she does, amazes me.

I have a friend who is beautiful inside and out. She shows caring and compassion in times when I am not sure I could. 

I have a friend who has been by my side forever, and I know she will always be right there (even when miles separate us)

I have a friend who amazes me with her courage. She looked straight into the face of death and said "not gonna happen", she is strong, she is brilliant she is a true survivor.

I have a friend  who has shown me how to walk through the tough parts of life.  She always holds her head up high and walks through the crap life threw at her in cute pumps and with a matching hand bag.

I have a friend who just "gets" me.  Even when no one else gets it, she gets it, and she understands when I am beyond understandable, and past the point of sense.

I have a friend who you always know where you stand with her. She tells it like it is, she is honest, she is true and passionate about the things she believes in.

I have a friend who is funny, witty and pushes me when I need it. Even when we are "competing" to see who has worse luck. :)

My friends are part of me, I learn from them, and love them all. I am so very very blessed by all of you.


Missy Shell said…
I like this a lot. :-) What a great tribute!
Sharon said…
Love, love, love that you have friends that make you....YOU!
Sooz said…
So very nice. Friends are the family we get to choose. :-)
Thany said…
I have a friend who makes frozen yogurt even yummier than it could ever be.

Love you.
Amanda Hopkins said…
I have a friend that I wouldn't want her any other way than she is this very moment. Love you Girlfriend

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