The move over

Goodnight I can't handle the peer pressure! :) I am moved.. I have moved.. I have lept over....

I'm putting my "M" post on here, as soon as I figure out how.. and shalt be bloggithing here in the future. (Bethany is suddenly jealous that I made up the word "bloggithing" before she did.. admit it :) )

The format is a bit more user friendly.. now someone show me how to link to all your blogs on the sidebar.. :)


Jenello said…
welcome to the cult
Sharon said…
One day I will get here too.... Until then..enjoy my blank page!
Thany said…
Ohhhhh yes I am jealous.
MomOfDudes said…
Welcome to the world of Blogspot. When you learn the sidebar thing pass the knowledge to me please


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