Christmas Presents, and penny stretching

SO I know that some of you sickos out there are already done with your Christmas shopping.
(insert gagging sound here) What are you getting your kids this year? As a lot of folks are, we find our selves on an even tighter budget than usual this Christmas season. So I am trying to find some fabulous, yet inexpensive things that I can make, get, do for the fab four for Christmas, any suggestions??

I will say that I already have the fabric for the yearly "Christmas jammies". I may make Paige a coat, and there are a few things in Ottobre that she has eyed that I can make for her, the boys I am at a little more of a loss for. Especially that big one that looks more and more like a grown up human every day.

Ideas ladies?? I know you are all so smart! Also we will be seeing a lot more extended family this year, so tiny cheap gift ideas for that as well would be AWESOME!


Rindie said…
Just remember we have a pact for extended family. :)
MomOfDudes said…
Check out the C28 websites 2 for $25 sale. This is my sons favorite "Cool" shirt place and I know it may not seem like an inexpensive present, but I think my purchase of the Wii has been a great one, everyone in the family can play.

Lucky you, get to make girly clothes...
Thany said…
I'm making my kids felt boards to play with-like the flannelgraph kind in sunday School. I got the idea from Susie.

Doing calendars for the extended family-we have a lot of pictures.

One year, I got those fun gormet candied apples for the extended fam-I did 1 apple per 2 people in the family because they were big.


I stopped apologizing. They love me. Next year, I will think ahead and shop all year.

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