Coming out of the political closet..

In general I am not much of a "campaigner". I chose who I think the best candidate for the task at hand is and vote accordingly. I generally avoid big political conversations. I'm not much of the button toting, shirt wearing, bumper sticker showing, sign waving type. This year however, a candidate invoked in me the courage and willingness to step out, and speak out on their behalf. So I am wearing promotion of this candidate with pride.

A candidate that I know is moral, has integrity, is honest, and about the cutest things this side of the Mississippi.


Amy said…
I don't know that anyone will check this, but sadly my sweet girl lost her bid for secretary, she was such a good sport though.
*emmy said…
Awww, I would of totally voted for her!, Her school is missing out on a great mind and personality. Hey, there is always next year =^).
Jan said…
I'm sorry she didn't win! I would've voted for her, too! Heck, i would've voted for her for President, lol!

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