I'll be loving them FOREVER!!

It's official... deep in my heart of hearts, I'm 13. I doubt I will ever get past my love for NKOTB, which was just reignited so much last night. I am not sure I can adequately put into words, how AMAZING this concert was.

I went with my friend and fellow NKOTB groupie Cindy. We decided to set out early, not knowing how much time we would need. Turns out we had TONS, so we swung by Pick-Up Stix for dinner. It was nice, my fortune said "You will be content by the end of Summertime". I told Cindy they must mean NEXT summer :)

We hit target to kill a little more time and then headed over to the concert. We got parked and headed in. For the most part it was a WHOLE LOT of women in their mid to late 30's, a few families, and a couple of clearly "excited" husbands, who were earning some MAJOR brownie points that night.

We found our seats and they were pretty good actually. We were on the floor level, probably about 25 rows back from the stage. I got some pretty good pictures, even with the lady who was a foot taller than me standing RIGHT in front of us. :)

SO the concert starts.. "Lady Gaga"?!? was the first act.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm and that's all I have to say about that!

Then Natasha Bedingfield came out, she was AWESOME! I really like her a lot! The first pictures of the concert aren't the best as you can see, I was playing with the settings, trying to figure out how to get the best shots.

THEN THE BOYS CAME OUT!!! The place erupted!! and pretty much stayed that way! THEY LOOKED AWESOME!! ESPECIALLY DANNY! ( so so especially Danny!) They sang about 5 or six songs, including this one where Joe was singing "Please don't go girl".

THEN........................ IT............................. HAPPENED!

Directly behind us THE SMALLER STAGE CAME UP WITH THE BOYS ON IT!! We went from having good seats to having AMAZING SEATS!!

They did about three songs from there, before heading back up to the main stage. At one point (kid you not) Danny looked straight into my eyes, and the rest of the world disappeared for him at that moment. (I could totally tell! heheh) He saw no one but me.. I have witnesses, they felt it too. :) My friend who was sitting in a different section could tell.. oh yes.. she could... :) (my mind is a fun delusional place to be, but it was AWESOME)

SO I AM SCREAMING AND JUMPING AROUND like a 7th grader who has had WAY too much sugar! They hit the main stage and while they were singing .. "I think about you in the summertime woah oh", Cindy leans over and says "What was your fortune?" OMGOSH I was TOTALLY content by the end of summertime!! :) IT WAS TRUE!!!

The concert lasted almost 4 hours total. They did and encore and ended with HANGIN TOUGH! IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!



MomOfDudes said…
Nothing makes me happier than remembering good times and listening to High School Music.

I am so happy you got to go to the concert

Anonymous said…
This is Gina...

LOL I love this post! I am soooo happy that you had a fabulous time with the boys!!!!

Thany said…
I was seriously smiling during that whole post! I am SO HAPPY for you!

And I expect to see this mentioned in the Family Christmas Letter. ;)
robngirlies said…
Awesome!! You are the envy of all us NKOTB fans........I lived through you when I looked at and read your blog!! WOO HOO wait I feel a hot flash OH NO!!
robngirlies said…
Awesome!! You are the envy of all us NKOTB fans........I lived through you when I looked at and read your blog!! WOO HOO wait I feel a hot flash OH NO!!

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