NaBloPoMo farewell

So I made it a whole month of blogging. I am sort impressed. Not that I had the most exciting things to say most days, but none the less, I found something to say.

Blogging will continue, but certainly not daily.

Kids are back to school tomorrow. I am so sad :( I hate school, it takes my kids. Only two weeks though, then they are off for two weeks, so that's cool. Then before you know it, it will be summer time again.

Today we went to see BOLT, it was cute. Well I should say The little boys and Daniel and I went to see BOLT with my dear friend Angie, and her little boys. The older kids went to see TWILIGHT. Connor even liked it. Well his choices were BOLT and TWILIGHT, so it's not like he really had a lot of 7th grade boy friendly choices. He said it was a good movie though. Not good enough to actually READ the book, but good none the less.

So adieu November. December is already winding up to be horrendously busy, but HERE WE GO!! :)


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