No really don't worry..

So I was going about my day as usual. I was upstairs packing Paige a bag because she was staying the night at her besties house, chatting with my brother on the phone, all was well. Then my other phone rings. I look at the caller ID hmmmm Alvarado hospital, so I get off the phone with Jake and answer.

Me - "Hello?"
Receptionist Lady - " Yes can I speak to Amy Eagle"
Me - "this is she"
RL - " Hi this is (can't remember) at Dr. Purcell's office, and I wanted to make a follow up appointment to go over your MRI"
Me - "I thought I had an appointment on the 4th"
RL - " Oh let me look, yep you sure do, sorry about that, that's fine. There were some IRREGULARITIES on your MRI and we need to go over them."
Me - *cricket cricket*
RL - " Oh nothing to worry about, we just need to go over the MRI with you and Dr.Purcell will it explain it to you. See you on the 4th!"
Me - * cricket cricket* *sigh*

No worries.. I'm sure IRREGULARITIES (plural, not just one iregularity) is nothing to worry about.. why couldn't she just say "just wanted to make sure you had a follow up appointment" because now I'm going to worry, even though she said not too.



Rindie said…
I guess the good news is that the 4th is next week, so you will find out soon and I am sure everything is going to be ok.
Love you and miss you!
Missy Shell said…
That's terrible. I would complain. Seriously. People in her position aren't supposed to say things like that. Highly unprofessional.

As for the actual irregularities, I'm so sorry. We'll be praying...
Dixie said…
OK, putting on my rose-colored glasses.... maybe they have finally found something they can give a name to? And then of course treat? That would be super-great news! :) So waiting until the 4th isn't so bad. The dr. will finally have something useful to tell you.
(ok, is that in any way helping???)
Happy Thanksgiving! I am feeding the masses on Thursday. I think we are up to 29 people.

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