Ok body..

Dear my body,

I need to have a serious word with you.. ESPECIALLY my throat, head, chest, and vocal chords.
You have had nearly a full week off (especially you voice) and I do believe it's about damn time you came back to work. Of all the body parts, the four of you seem to be the biggest slackers as of late.

First off Brain, really needs to get in gear, making me stranded in the mall parking lot for 45 minutes while I searched for my car.. NOT FUNNY! The constant headaches, I could also do without.

Chest, I really miss breathing normally. Laying down only to wake up coughing and hacking is not very conducive to a good nights sleep.

I'm just saying that if you could all pitch in a little more and be team players I would really appreciate it. Having to run to the bathroom to blow my nose every six seconds is NOT fun, and I haven't been able to speak normally in almost a week. Throat if you could be a little less sore and swollen, I think that would go a long way to getting Voice back to work as well.

Thanks so much


Anonymous said…
Hope you feel better soon. That was cute though!

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