Planning for the future

As most of you know, some of the most delightful conversations my children have are in the car. I'm not sure why, but this seems to be the case more often than not.

Sunday on our way to church was no exception...

Paige - "What should I be?"
Me- "for what?"
Paige - "when I grow up"
Me - "you have time"
Paige - " well I am trying to decide where to go to college. It depends on where we live, but SDSU and ASU are both good."
Me - "How do you know that?"
Paige - "google"
Me - " *sigh.. eye roll*
Paige - " So where should I go to college?"
Garrett - "juvie"
Paige - "That's not a College Garrett!!! It's JAIL!"
Garrett - "I know..."


*emmy said…
Ha. Your sweeties crack me up everytime!
Mountainflower said…
lol there is nothing like brotherly love

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