Signs that you should have stayed in bed

When you wake up 20 minutes late and still have the same respiratory cold that has been bugging you for two weeks.

When every child in your house wakes up with a sore throat.

When you get a call with bad news moments after you open your eyes.

When the dog upended the trash while you were sleeping.

When your sick boy spews all over the floor.

When you go to clean up said spew and in your sleep induced stupor, you grab the wrong bottle.

(side note: I want to know WHO put the craft bond under the sink, and 2 the lids really should be different colors. Also I sat in utter shock that I glued puke to my floor, but I digress)

When ALL of the above happen in the first 20 minutes of your day.. YOU REALLY SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN BED!


MomOfDudes said…
You win! That is all I have to say about the subject, never have I heard of a worse thing than this... My heart bleeds for you...
Thany said…
I'm sorry but the phrase "glued puke to my floor" just made me laugh out loud.

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