Sitting out

As much as it pains me, I do believe that I will be sitting out the breast cancer 3-day this year. It seriously hurts my heart that I can't participate this year, but it looks like I will be taking the year off.

Despite my best efforts, I have raised a whopping 65$. Unfortunately each walker HAS TO raise 2,200$ in order to walk. Beings that I am no where near that and only a few weeks away from the walk, it's not looking good.

As much as it saddens me to miss it, I will be their as much as I can cheering on my friends Laurie and Dawna. My new (someday I will meet you in person) friends, "Walkers for Knockers", and ALL the amazing women and men who will be out there walking 60 miles, so that maybe one day we can rid the world of this horrible disease.


Missy Shell said…
Boooo! I'm so sorry for you! But yeah, that's a lot of money to have to raise. I don't think I could do it!
Amy said…
Especially with how the economy is right now, it is hard to do. Plus you don't want to feel like all you do is hit your friends and family up for money. :)
*emmy said…
That is a lot of money but congratulations on the effort. Your heart was in the right place but looks like God had other plans for you like visiting your AMAZING friend in the hospital next week ; ^) !

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