Somewhere Angela is twitching..

After reading this fabulous post from my dear friend about the ins and outs of boot shopping/wearing. I was determined to FIND myself some boots. First off I've never been a boot wearer, and would like to change that, they can be quite cute. Secondly, we will be in places of great coldness this Christmas, and need something to warm my tootsies.

So I went to endless to find the "perfect boot", and try as I may, I keep coming back to these ones.

I like them, I REALLY like them.


MomOfDudes said…
Do they come in a clog?
Crayl said…
Thany said…
For the love of all that is Boot-tastic STEP AWAY FROM THE RASTA GRANDMA CROCHET BOOTS.

(And Troy is killing me!)
Amy said…
Does it make it worse or better if I say that I have a shirt that would match them?
Angela said…
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!! Rest assured, I had NOT seen this post. (I didn't really keep up while we were away this past weekend.) If I HAD seen this post, I would be leaving a comment such as the one I am leaving now. If comfort is what you are after, please, PLEASE go with an Ugg kind of boot. You can get the Costco knock-offs (which are awesome) right now. But, crochet? Rainbow? Only if you're 13. =^)

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