To "reply all" or NOT to "reply all" THAT IS THE QUESTION

Due to a several series of emails I have been looped into in the past weeks, it has come to my attention, that PERHAPS I am the only one on the planet that knows that there are other ways to answer an email BESIDES hitting "reply all".

So here as a service to you, is a simple FAQ about "reply all"

Q - Seriously there are other options?

Q - Is it ever ok to use reply all?
A - Rarely, but yes in certain scenarios.

Q - When IS it acceptable?
A - If I for instance email my mom and brother and say "what are our plans for Christmas", it would be acceptable for them to use reply all, as the information pertains to ALL parties involved.

Q - When is it NOT ok to use reply all?
A - MOST OF THE TIME. If you are sent a mass email (hypothetically speaking from sporting leagues or school groups etc) and you do NOT personally know all those who receive the email, reply all should NEVER be an option. If the email (hypothetically of course) was asking for volunteers for something, then you should ONLY reply to the sender NOT the whole group, no one else cares if you want to set up, clean up, or provide fabulous spatulas. If the email (again hypothetically) is about oh say picture day for some sort of sport, but then you REPLY ALL and ask questions, or given information that is IN NO way related to the original email, then reply all should NOT be used.

So get out there my friends and email! (just pick one person at a time though)


Dixie said…
I would add to this list....

Do not "REPLY ALL" saying "Stop replying to all!!!!" Apparently, I am the only one that sees the irony in this, because probably once every 2-3 months this happens at work. And we have the subsequent email storm of 50-100 emails with someone saying "Take me off this list. I don't belong in this email group", then some other idiots saying "Stop replying to all", followed by "Stop replying to all saying stop replying"... etc, etc, etc.

Seriously!!!! This happens at least once every 2-3 months!!! And I work for a computer company. You'd think our employees would know better. :)
Anonymous said…
oh seriously! It is sooo annoying!

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