criminally dusty

So last Wednesday we went and spent a lovely day at Legoland with lovely friends. It was nice, it was fabulous, it was a long day. :)

We get home, ready to fall into a shower and some dinner.. (or maybe the other way around) and what am I greeted with?? The fine fine rent-a-cops here at Lincoln Property Management (the people who own our housing) left me a ticket on Daniel's car.

I quickly check the tags, nope I'm current. Flat tire? Nope, so it's not a disabled vehicle. No red curbs.. no "no parking" signs. I grab the "ticket" and quickly scan to the reason of my infraction.

Apparently my high crime is I have a criminally DIRTY car. Yes, the fine"pretend police" (as my kids call them) ticketed me for having a dirty car.

Now to make this story even MORE delightful. I go to unlock the door to my house and there is a notice on my front door from Lincoln that states that due to the current water shortage here in sunny California, I am NOT ALLOWED TO WASH MY CAR!

Squeaky Fromme is back on the street, but I'm getting written up for a overly dusty vehicle..


Angela said…
This is hilARious!!! It needs to be sent in to Leno or Letterman or something. (Whoops. I guess it's not Leno anymore. It's Conan. I'm so out of the loop.) We're working hard on getting our cars in the garage so no one will see how lazy we are about washing them. Hee-hee.
Rindie said…
That is just plain insanity!!
C. Taggart said…
I say you make a copy of the notice from Lincoln and send that in with your ticket to the pretend police. And I love the idea of sending it to Letterman.

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