more rambling nonsense

So it's been a while since I went on a random tangent that made little sense...

I feel overwhelmed, but lack the ability to let go, which is probably very beneficial to the people around me, but not so much if you are me.

I have found a favorite brand of socks.. and of this brand the yellow ones are the most comfortable.. so I may spend the rest of my life wearing only yellow socks.. they are softer than the blue ones.

I seem to have lost my backbone, if anyone finds it, please let me know.

I am counting down the seconds to April 30th.. It's when I test for the first time in karate for my belt, I am so very excited to break a board with my bare hands.. ya just don't even know!

On Monday my house will be painted, today I should have spent the day cleaning, taking things off walls, moving furniture.. instead I watched twilight and New Moon.. seemed like productive at the time.

I have hit some serious roadblocks in my religious path lately. I think I have come to the conclusion where-as I DO believe in God, I'm just not sure if he believes in me.

I am going to cut all my hair off. I have decided to go really short. I need to call Ally..

Being fat is over rated.. I'm heavier now than I ever have been anytime in my life. I have gone through many "phases" of trying to lose weight. This one I am most serious about.

I think Smokey may be a secret evil genius. He tripped me four times today, I think he is out to get me.

I spend too much time tending to my pretend farm.

I need a bit more organization in my life. I think maybe that's where the overwhlemedness comes from.. lack of order.

I am almost out of contacts.. currently have blue, last ones were bright green.. not sure what color I am getting next.. any suggestions?

You can put stamps on balls and an address and send them through the mail like a box. It's fun.. but my brother's mail lady may never come back to his house now.

Paige spent 4 days at 6th grade camp, and will soon be heading off to horse camp. She is gone at Indian hills camp for a week this summer, and I may fly her up to Washington to stay with a friend.. this whole her getting all grown up and not needing mom as much.. is sorta weird.

I think I am finally going to get my foot fixed. Should make things like walking less of a hardship. :)

I want nachos..


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