Anniversary gifts

A friend of mine recently asked what the "gift" for 4th anniversary was.  I found a few different charts ect on what the traditional vs modern gifts are.  OH MY FLIPPING GOSH! Really??  I mean who came up with this stuff?! So I found one list that went all the way up to 100 years.  Really 100 years?? Has anyone every actually MADE it to 100 years? (The gift is a 10 carat diamond btw.. ) However if you actually live long enough to have been married 100 years,  your spouse could probably give you a  couple sugar cubes stuck to a key chain and you would believe it was a 10 carat diamond.. but I digress.

So as I perused the list, a few things jumped out at me. The traditional 10 year gift is "tin or aluminum".. so the gift of a 6 pack on your 10th anniversary would be COMPLETELY acceptable! I suppose spring for the 12 pack if you are REALLY feelin the love. (wink wink)

The modern gift for 24th anniversary is "musical instruments".. which would be a great gift if your spouse is musically inclined, but what if they aren't?  I mean, it might seem a little weird.. "hey baby, happy anniversary, here's a flugle horn.. who loves ya?"

The modern gift for your 26th is "original pictures"... um opposed to UNoriginal pictures?  "Thanks for the lovely pictures of the car and lawn, but they really aren't very original"

For your 15th you get "watches" and for your 31st it's "timepieces".. and the difference is???????? Come on! I don't find that very original.

If you are still experiencing marital bliss by year 41 you can look forward to your beloved getting you land, and then for the 42nd year "improved real estate".  Now they don't expound on that, so he could build a house on that land, or plant a rose bush, it just says "improved" not fantastic.

Now for 44 years of not murdering errr I mean putting up with.. uhhh I mean loving (YAH LOVING that's it) the same person, the amazing fabulous gift (according to ye' ol list) is.. (drum roll please) GROCERIES! No Seriously GROCERIES!!!  So two years ago I get "improved real estate" and this year I get a can of deodorant spray, some tuna and a jug of milk?  WHAT? Seriously, I'd rather have some unoriginal pictures and a timepiece.

47th is books and 48th is optical goods, which makes sense to me.  I mean how else are you going to READ those books?  I suppose it stands to reason. "Oh honey thanks for the glasses, I can't wait to read the books you bought me last year!"

50th is gold, which is good, at this point you really have to suck up for the eyeglasses, and groceries.

I myself am looking forward to the furniture I will be getting this year (it says so on the list) and Daniel has some serious explaining to do about not getting me hollowware last year.   Now if anyone needs me, I'll be looking  up what exactly hollowware is!


Marsi White said…
Very fun post! What is 15 years?
Mrs. Carol said…
Okay, I just at the beginning...4 is coming up this summer. What should I get him:?
Cyn said…
shoot, we're doing it wrong! for our 5th my mister got me diamond earings and was supposed to get me silverware (or wood). now what are we supposed to do for our 10th?

and no kidding who makes it to 100 yrs married? you would need to be at least 118 years old to pull that off and i personally would have to be 121 and my mister 124.

my grandparents would have hit 70 yrs last month, sadly my grandpa passed in june.
Deanne said…
so awesome! hilarious! love you amy! :)

**by the way, I think 'timepieces' could also refer to clocks and not necessarily limited to 'watches'. just sayin'. ;)
Missy Shell said…
Oooo. Looks like I'll be getting some hollowware in January. If you find out what it is, let me know. ;-)
Sooz said…
maybe by 44 years you've forgotton to wear deodorant - groceries could come in handy!
Anonymous said…
This post made me ROAR!!! Amy You are a RIOT!!!!
Momofdudes said…
Hey, I am not Anonymous, I want you to know I loved that post.

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